How It Works

1. Register
Enter all the required information to complete the registration process and attach all required documents.
For companies, a copy of the commercial license and a copy of the national id of the authorized person. Individuals can fill in the information and attach a copy of the national id

2.Verification (approved or denied)
After completing the application for registration, the data entered by the customer will be reviewed and verified of its authenticity
You will receive an email confirming application is approved or denied.

Your user name and password will be activated.

3 types of users according to authority
1.Authority to report cases only
2.Authority to inquire only
3.All powers

The Universal Credit Bureau is the first website in the world that is authorized to allow individuals and organizations to provide poor and negligent financial experiences.
So if you are one of those who can enter data and report cases with national identity number of the individual or the corporate business license and report your experience with the condition that you provide legal evidence of what will be mentioned.
Thus, these people or companies will be exposed with the intentions to those who will deal with them in the future, as evidenced by your substandard experience with them.
Note, if they were reported by another user, you will have the option to reveal their report with the third party if you intend to work with them in the future.

Important note: Any cases already reported cannot be deleted , only updated according to its progression