The Importance of Credit Bureaus in Business

Many firms decide to record on-time expenses, late payments, transactions, loan conditions, credit limits and balance of payments overdue. Credit bureaus gather this information and construct a credit summary, which also affects credit scores.

When you first borrow or apply for credit, your credit report is generated. Creditors send payment data to the credit bureaus which are also known as ‘credit reporting agencies.

Who will access your credit report and use it?

  1. Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions
  2. Credit card companies
  3. Car leasing companies
  4. Retailers
  5. Mobile phone companies
  6. Insurance companies
  7. Governments
  8. Employers

These organizations or entities use your credit report to help them define you.

Your credit report helps them determine if they will:

  1. Lend you money
  2. Collect a debt
  3. Consider you for rental housing
  4. Consider you for a job
  5. Provide you with insurance
  6. Offer you a promotion
  7. Offer you a credit increase

Universal Credit Bureau is a website generated for all types of organizations to report others of those with late payments and fraud. It also allows all organizations and entities to view any credit report published by others.

Universal Credit Bureau includes your credit report and your loans factual facts, for example:

  1. How much you owe
  2. If you make your payments on time
  3. If you miss payments
  4. If you go over your credit limit
  5. Personal information that is available in public records, such as a bankruptcy

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The Importance of Having Risk Management For Chasing Debtors

It’s time to look into future disciplinary action if you have thoroughly chased a client and there is still no evidence that you are being paid. Often there is only no alternative but to further “encourage” a client to pay the debt.

There is no reason why a payment is not made. However, there are times where a client is insolvent and actually has no funds to pay. In that case, you should decide what actions to take and take the different legal measures to reclaim what is rightly your own. You should follow the points mentioned here.

Debt management strategies for businesses

  1. Contact your debtor
  2. Set a timeframe for the debtor to pay you back
  3. Mention the legal actions that will be undertaken if no payment was received

However, the chances of the debtor paying you back can be more effective when appointing financial services that provide you with these facilities. That’s when Universal Credit Bureau comes in line.

Importance of being a member of the Universal Credit Bureau

One of the key advantages of dealing with an organization or any company is that the experts perform the most appointing services on your behalf. Universal Credit Bureau is a system that helps you eliminate the risks before it happens to detect potential threats, challenges or disasters by allowing any individual or a company to view any financial reports reported by others on the website. This enables business owners to develop processes to escape the risk, minimize its effect, or at least contribute to dealing with its impact.

For example, if company B wants to partner with company A, to avoid any upcoming threats or potential risks, company B can be provided with background financial reports of company A written by other companies and organizations.

 Universal Credit Bureau features:

  • Contacts your debtor
  • Sends a warning payment deadline to your debtor
  • The debtor will be reported on the system and viewed publicly by any industry or individual
  • Allows you to view financial reports of other industries or individuals

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Additional Solution Before Bypass The Court

The management of creditors and debtors is a challenge that calls for treatment. If you have no power over your debtor, this can become a lengthy method of collecting your money through debt collection.

Universal Credit Bureau offers an alternative solution to bypass the court in a professional and efficient time management strategy. It is the first universal website created to control the global ties between institutions and individuals in regard to due and late payments. It is a well-established protocol to prevent losing money to debtors.

Benefits of Universal Credit Bureau

It is an online procedure that benefits the creditor in case of payment received or no payment received by the debtor. It minimizes the potential of the debtor not paying their debts since their reputation will be ruined in the system to any individual who wishes to work in their company and to any organization who wishes to deal with them. The debtor will be known as a fraud by others and the only way to clear his status in the system is by contacting his creditor and paying off the debts.

2 Simple Steps of how it works:

Step 1

When the creditor joins the website, they are required to add their debtor’s case and the deadline payment date set chosen.

After that an alert will be sent from Universal Credit Bureau to the debtor announcing that this participant has joined Universal Credit Bureau and is given a warning deadline date to pay the creditor.

Step 2

If the debtor chooses not to pay back for any reason that the creditor did not accept. The creditor will have the access to announce their report to the public and is allowed to be viewed by any individual or institution who wishes to deal with the debtor.

Universal Credit Bureau can help you:

  • Make sure the creditor’s right are being given
  • The process of contact between the debtor and the creditor is easier
  • Allows institutions to know any company’s financial status before dealing with them.
  • Allows individuals to check any company’s financial status before working with them.
  • An effective solution to deal with debtors during the pandemic.

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Become a member of UCB

Greetings from Universal Credit Bureau, the only website in the world

that will protect you against financial fraud in the form of missed/late payments and bounced cheques.


Universal Credit Bureau (or UCB) allows you to vet peoples and organizations before you enter into business dealings with them, to find out if they have a bad-payment-history. 

 in 04-2023 More than 75,000 companies with more than 300,000 reports from all over the world have protected their business from being ruined due to bad cheques and late payments by becoming members of the global UCB family. All of this at ZERO cost to their business.  

The Universal Credit Bureau is the world's first website that allows businesses to upload the names of companies and individuals who have not honored their financial commitments through bad cheques and late payments. As more honest people and businesses join our rapidly growing global community, they will be able to prevent such unscrupulous individuals from hurting and ruining honest businesses ever again. This can be achieved in two steps:

STEP ONE: Once you become a member of UCB you will be able to upload the names of individuals and companies that you had bad dealings with, to name-and-shame them so they are unable to do to others what they had done to you.

STEP TWO: Members who intend to transact with other businesses can access the UCB website to check if that business has been flagged for a history of bad payment which will minimize the risk of dealing with bad companies.

Becoming a member of Universal Credit Bureau will further protect the rights of users and help foster a trustworthy business environment for them to operate in.

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