Terms and Conditions

  • General Terms

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    1. We, the Universal Credit Bureau administration / website, undertake to keep and maintain customer data and not to post, use or display it in any way except for legal accountability and this shall be done confidentially.
    2. The Universal Credit Bureau / website undertakes not to sell or give the users e-mail to any other party, but we can use your e-mail to write to you at intervals, and you can request to cancel your e-mail from these mailing bulletin (unsubscribe).
    3. The user has the right to cancel his subscription request at any time, and the request is canceled after taking the necessary measures. But in the event that the request has not been activated in the first place, it is canceled immediately.
    4. Any violation of this agreement by the user (Second Party) offers his/her subscription to be suspended or deleted without prior notice.
    5. We do not deal with any other person except the person that was agreed with (Second Party) on the service, via their e-mail and phone number, where the e- mail and phone are the subscription guide for the website or our service, in order to preserve our customers and their subscription.
  • Liability limits

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    The user (Second Party) shall be obliged not to post any information related to the Universal Credit Bureau Website to a third party, as a violation of this condition entails his / her criminal responsibility and civil liability for the penalty of this violation.

    The user (Second Party) shall be obliged not to report cases that do not concern him/her in particular or directly.

    In the event that the user (Second Party) initiates any lawsuits against another user or a person who is reporting him/her, he/she shall be obliged to provide evidence of the validity of his/her claim. The reported user shall be obliged to prove the validity or invalidity of what has been posted. The First Party has no current or future responsibility on its shoulders in the ongoing conflict among them. The user (Second Party) informant, shall be obligated to submit the documents proving the validity of what has been posted before the competent authorities in the event of its request.

    The (First Party) Universal Credit Bureau website does not have the obligation to guarantee any financial claims or any things that have been reported against any user or reported, but rather as a platform only.

    (The Second Party) shall not be entitled to disclose or share any information or data obtained through (First Party) the Universal Credit Bureau website.

    (The Second Party) shall not be invoked to report any cases that are not related to him/her, and that he/she did not deal therewith personally or on behalf of any other party.

    The user (the second party) has no right to delete the previously entered data, and he has the right to add to it in an explanation and detail.

    (The second party) is obligated to submit documents indicating the authenticity of what has been published on his part to the competent authorities and not (to the first party) the website of the Universal Credit Bureau suspicion of any current or future responsibility it incurs.

    (The Second Party) user shall have no right to use the Universal Credit Bureau website to promote any personal ads or personal purposes, whether by writing or other advertising methods.

    (The Second Party) shall be obligated to inform (First Party) of any changes to its data that were previously entered.

    The first party has the right to cancel the subscription of the second party and remove all its belongings from the platform if any violations occurred by the second party. The second party is advised to add a clause in his contracts with others stating his eligibility to report back arrears and rights in what is stipulated in the contract concluded between him and others on the Universal Credit Bureau website.

    Also, under any circumstance, the website of the Universal Credit Bureau (the first party), its owner, assets, branches, directors, shareholders, employees, agents, joint entities, consultants and assigns to them will not be responsible for any special or incidental damages, side effects or consequential or consequential or punitive or direct or indirect compensation that arises. Linked to the site or its services.

  • Exclusion of Liability

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    It is agreed upon that the users of the Universal Credit Bureau website (Second Party) are responsible for their behaviors, conducts, actions, statements, and the content they provide via (First Party). This is because it is the platform and site; therefore, in the event of any dispute or discord between the user (Second Party) or others, then the user exempts (First Party) from any criminal or civil liability. This exemption includes everyone who is related to the First Party, employees, workers, agents, partners or consultants, from any responsibility for this dispute as well as from any claims for compensation, reparations, and actual and subordinate claims, whatever their nature is known or not. First Party, likewise, shall be exempted from authorized, clear, or secret disputes, and the ones arising from any means of communication.

  • Prohibited activities

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    1. (The Second Party) shall undertake and acknowledge to the First Party that any content that it provides to the website or its use of it shall not include the following:
    2. That the content is forged, inaccurate, or misleading.
    3. That all or some of it includes violation of rights, whether public or secret rights of any third party. arty.
    4. When it is illegal, violates the federal or local state laws, or violates any law, decree, regulation, or moral code.
    5. That the content contains offence or defamation of what is considered illegal threat or unlawful harassment.
    6. That it contains any obscene or pornographic material.
    7. It contains any viruses or other measures that may harm the First Party from any interference with it that causes harm.
    8. Acting without authorization or permission to intercept or confiscate any system, data or personal information.
    9. To establish any obligation or responsibilities to be borne by the first party.
  • Hosting and Domain Terms of Service

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    1. The Universal Credit Bureau website (First Party) shall be obligated to provide technical support and maintenance the website and its users only.
    2. It is strictly forbidden to use the Universal Credit Bureau for abusive political purposes, and it is forbidden to intrude upon any country in any way.
    3. It is prohibited to attack against religions, to denigrate a person, institution, or company, or to intentionally post any incorrect information that causes harm to a company, person, state or group.
    4. It is prohibited to use the website or any of the services to harm the server or other websites found on the server or any other websites. The company/website of the Universal Credit Bureau has the right to delete or block any program, page or files that cause harm to the server or the rest of the other websites.
    5. It is prohibited to use the website as a file store.
    6. (The First Party) has the right to block any program or service added to any website, in the event that there is any defect in it from the security or technical point of view. In the event of stopping or interrupting this service, the user (Second Party) shall not be compensated.
    7. It is strictly forbidden to use the mailing lists - SPAM on the servers / website of the universal credit check and in case of violation of that, the First Party will close the account permanently.
    8. The First Party shall not be responsible for any damage that may be caused to your work or employment while using any kind of programs (scripts) or any defect in the websites that are destroyed by their owners or their penetration or the services provided on our website. The subscriber is fully responsible for creating backup copies from the website files, databases, mail contents and other contents of our hosted website.
    9. The first party has the right to cancel the contract in the event that the user causes damage to the server and the rest of the sites, or if he does not wish to continue using the use for any reason, and the first party has the right to cancel the contract in the event of violation of the terms and laws.
    10. In the event that the second party (the user) wants to withdraw and close his account with us ( Universal Credit Bureau ), this is done by an official request from the registered e-mail.
    11. (The First Party) shall have the right to change the Universal Servers or communication companies when needed.
    12. The Second Party (the user) shall provide the (First Party) with its real personal data, and all available means of communication. All information will be confidential and no data will be shown except in legal matters. The Second Party (the user) shall be responsible for the information and everything that is contained therein. Thus, he/she shall fully abide by this agreement. The First Party has the right to stop / cancel the subscriber''s concealment if it is discovered that the user data that was sent to us is not true or false.
    13. Any attempt to infiltrate servers / of the First Party through your website hosted by us and try to penetrate the server or other websites hosted on the server will lead to delete the subscription permanently. In the event of some pages and scripts harmful to the server.
    14. In the event of a violation of one of the terms of the agreement, we will regretfully have to suspend your account with us without any prior notice or justification with no legal liability incurred on that.
  • Terms of Service

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    1. The Universal Credit Bureau website works to execute the request submitted by the client upon the data sent from the client, which is the basis for the request. The Universal Credit Bureau executes the request according to this basis.
    2. When requesting available data according to the type of subscription, the user sees only the agreed available data.
    3. The user shall not be allowed to delete any data on the website nor allowed to request the deletion of data from the website. and the site has the decision to do so.
  • Applicable Law and Relevant Jurisdiction

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    If it is found out that any text or part of a text of these terms and conditions are prohibited by law or if the court has ruled that it is illegal, void or unenforceable, this term or the relevant part will be separated, as required, from these terms and conditions. They shall become ineffective to the maximum extent possible without modifying the remaining terms and conditions. This shall not affect in any way to any other terms, validity or enforcement of the rest of the other terms and conditions.

  • The Contract Annex and Miscellaneous Laws Indivisible To the Contract

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    1. The First Party -the Universal Credit Bureau- commits to provide technical support to the Second Party if requested to do so, formally within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time of the request. The First Party shall not bear any responsibility in the event of technical support failure for any reason.
    2. All requests for technical support or website management shall be made via e-mail and certified mail only.
    3. We, First Party disclaim all liability regarding the accuracy of Second Party financial data. As well, the Second Party acknowledges and agrees that the First Party shall not bear any responsibility towards any financial information or data shares with the First Party.
    4. The second party is not entitled to disclose or share any information or data obtained through the Universal Credit Bureau site with any third party
    5. The Second Party shall not report any cases that are not related to him/her and he/she did not deal with personally and were on behalf of another party.
    6. The second party cannot delete the previously entered data, but can only add to it or amend it, in an explanation and detail.
    7. The Second Party shall abide by submitting the documents that he/she acknowledged its existence. The competent authorities may ask the Second Party for these documents which he/she is only responsible for its validity and legality.
    8. The second party is obligated to update its data on the communications recorded by him immediately when they occur between him and the parties reported by him (others) and he bears full responsibility except for that.
    9. The Universal Credit Bureau website shall not guarantee the collection of any amounts reported to the site by users.
    10. The First Party shall have the right to examine the universal credit, sharing the contract concluded between him/her and the Second Party to the official authorities if requested to do so.
    11. The second party undertakes to inform persons, companies, institutions and others (who have intentions to repot them on the website of the Universal Credit Bureau) by the approved methods before entering their data or through an option on the site and this is a warning to them.
    12. Individuals, companies, institutions and other parties shall have the right to object to any reports against them if they have proof. In other words, it is possible to cancel the account of the reporting party.
    13. All data entered when the account is registered by the Second Party shall be approved by the First Party. The Second Party shall inform the First Party of any changes that have occurred to that data.
    14. All users are forbidden to use the universal credit Bureau to promote any advertisements or personal purposes, whether by text or other.
    15. We, users of the Universal Credit Bureau platform, acknowledge that the purpose and reason of this platform is to regulate relations between institutions and institutions, between institutions and individuals, and between individuals and individuals, and it is a reform platform that helps entities of all categories to know the precedence of other entities to be dealt with postponed payments or others only.
    16. This agreement is subject to customary laws and the first party (Universal Credit Bureau) has the authority to add and amend conditions in accordance with laws that guarantee the rights of all parties.
    17. All existing data related to other parties and have been entered by users of the site and that the Universal Credit Bureau is not responsible for its correctness and accuracy, and if any objection arises from any party about the accuracy of the data, the Universal credit bureau has the right to request legal proof of the foregoing
    18. By browsing this site and / or obtaining any facilities, products or services provided through it, you acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions, access to and provision of facilities, products and services are subject to the laws of the relevant courts and you also acknowledge and agree to submit to exclusive jurisdiction or arbitration in relation to In any matter, litigation or dispute arising out of, from, or in connection with these terms and conditions or this website.